Tea Party Favors DIY

My bestie just recently had her bridal shower at the O’Neil House in Akron.  It is an old tudor style mansion that was converted into a bed and breakfast.  The theme for the shower was a high tea and I was responsible for the favors and decorations.  This is what I came up with for the favors:


The first step in creating this favor was to take an antiquing trip to Highland Square at Satgecoach Antiques where I purchased 40 mis-matched teacups.

Here are a few:



The 2nd step was to find small spoons that would fit inside the teacups nicely.  I choose mini dessert spoons that I purchased from Bed Bath & Beyond.



I thought they were way too plain and decided they needed some bedazzling.  I’m totally obsessed with the dipped paint look that is so hot right now on Pinterest so I decided to give it a go on these spoons

I used painters tape and heart stickers to cover the spots of the spoons I did not want painted:



Then I choose a spray paint color (I chose baby pink) and laid the spoons out on newspaper in a well-ventilated area:


Because I didn’t tape the whole bottom of the spoon I had to add a piece of newspaper to the center:



The center strip of newspaper didn’t totally protect the spoons from over-spraying.  I would suggest taping the whole part of the spoon that you don’t want painted, but in case you are lazy like me (and just LOVE making things much harder than they need to be) nail polish remover worked wonders in removing the extra spray paint from the spoons.

Here is what the final spoons looked like:


Initially I wanted to remove the little heart sticker from the top but the lines were not very clean and the stickers left a lot of residue that I couldn’t clean off.  I think they looked better with the stickers anyways.  I would suggest getting stickers that cost more than 50 cents for the pack if you try this and want to remove the sticker.  Also, use a bigger sticker

The 3rd step in creating these favors was to make thank you tags to cover the tea bag tags.  I wrapped tea bags around the spoons and had the tags hanging on the outside of the cup.

I cut out hearts on the cricut (well my mom did) and bought a stamp that said “thank you” from Wal-Mart for a dollar and bought a gold stamp pad from archivers for fourteen dollars.  Then I had a mini stroke because the stamp pad cost $14.  

I stamped “thank you” on one heart and flowers on another.  Then I glued them back to back over the existing tea bag tag:


The 4th and final step for this project was to put a bag of cookies inside the teacup.  

I used 2 Lorna Doones and 1 Milano in each bag.  I bought the bags at Wal-Mart in the party supply section and the ribbon for the bows was also from Wal-Mart.  I had to trim the top a little bit but I think they worked out really well.

I would suggest hand making cookies that are in a pretty shape but I was short on time and I’m not even 50% confident in my baking skills sooo store bought it was:




And voila Adorable teacup favors for about $12-$15 a piece:




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