Hospital Life

I feel like I have been spending a significant amount of time in hospitals lately. Fortunately, my trips have been pretty happy. My dad just got his hip replaced, and there have been a few baby girls who came into the world. Hopefully, my dad will be a dancing fool again once he recovers and can cabbage patch all over town, and obviously the little girls are just the bees knees. During the course of my visits I have learned quite a few things that I thought I would share. The first thing I learned is that being a nurse could be one of the hardest jobs ever, but also one of the most rewarding. My dad is not very nice when he is in pain and was screaming every curse word known to man at the top of his lungs for hours after his surgery. It was a nurse who dealt with his shit. I felt so bad that I brought them all doughnuts from my favorite place and didn’t eat a single one (sheer willpower my friends). After all of these beautiful baby girls were born, guess who made sure the mothers, babies, and families were okay and reassured them and comforted them….nurses. I did not see a single doctor during my visits. I am pretty much convinced that nurses make the world go round. The second thing I learned is that it really sucks watching your parents get old. It really, really, really sucks. Did I say how much it sucks? Because it effing sucks. But, I suppose it is better than the alternative, and I am thankful that I am around to just be there and help where I can. The final thing I realized is pretty obvious but deserves mentioning, family and friends are the ONLY things that matter. One of the babies I visited was born to the family I volunteer with. Even though the mother is not my favorite person in the world, it broke my heart to see her by herself in her hospital room. No friends, no family, no flowers or balloons. So sad. But, when I visited another one of these baby girls, there were people in and out constantly. There were flowers, and cards, and balloons galore. It was so striking how the mother and father are loved by so many people that I almost forgot they have a new baby! I hope that when I start popping kiddos out I have as much love and support as they do, and I hope I don’t screw said kiddos up too much so that when they watch me grow old they will be there to apologize for my verbal assaults. I think that is a reasonable wish.

❤ Moriah


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